Ever wonder what a home run in marketing looks like? – SCN Encourager 6/30/2014

Jeep touches every base in its latest campaign.

Coach watching batter about to hitAnd for school communicators who must also market effectively to millennials, there’s a solid lesson or two.

Jeep’s campaign gives us something like our own version of a baseball skills camp.

Play ball!

(And I hope you’re in better shape than I am!)

#1  To get to first base, the creatives in the lineup for Jeep didn’t skimp on their pre-game research. They first learned about who they were going to pitch to. They discovered that millennials tend to be very intense about their “wants” and highly individualistic in their lifestyle choices.

#2  Jeep’s creative all-stars then easily stole second with their “See whatever you want to see” slogan. This slogan would’ve been just a weak pop out with my parents and the rest of their generation who preferred tons of guided hand-holding and personal salesmanship (aka “Here’s what you should see now.”). Jeep’s “See whatever you want to see” slogan achieves MVP level stats with millennials.

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 1.59.55 PM#3  Jeep moved closer to its quest of “hitting for the cycle” by legging into third base standing up after a sharp line drive into the gap that tightly connects its effective “See whatever you want to see” slogan with six strong and intriguing visuals… that, well, encourage you to “see whatever you want to see.”

I’m not kidding.

Jeep actually walks its campaign talk and teases you into the action.

You owe yourself a look.

Jeep allows each of us to see whatever we want to see. (Pretty cool.)

#4  Jeep knocks out a towering “no doubt about it” grand slam by integrating its research, slogan, and visuals into an incredibly believable brand message. Jeep didn’t have to resort to blindly swinging for the fences.

Since Jeep’s brand experience consistently promotes the pursuit of “personal” action-packed adventures (like driving to work), as opposed to one that promotes luxury or efficiency, its campaign definitely covered all four bases in major league style.

So…now that we’ve enthusiastically high-fived Jeep, guess who’s next to step up to the plate?

We are.

As all of our respective Back-to-School campaigns are next on the competitive schedule.

We too will now have to escape the safety of our own dugouts and –
– assess the best ways to connect with millennials,
– coordinate our slogans and visuals,
– and ultimately deliver on our promises with fewer and fewer resources.

I believe many of us are capable of clobbering a few gigantic home runs of our own.

Will I?

It’s hard to say.

But I guess I’ll never know if I remain content to just keep enjoying the view from the “on-deck circle.”


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