The reviews are in. “Crushed it!” – SCN Encourager 7/10/2013

No doubt about it. I crushed it!

And no, you didn’t have to “be there” to appreciate this story.

My life isn’t all that complicated.

All of this action took place in my family room a couple of nights ago.

It was fairly early in the evening and my wife was not yet home from work.

I was sitting on the couch with my feet up and my laptop, well… on my lap.

The ball game was on and I was writing an upcoming Encourager when my wife entered the room.

After exchanging greetings – and assuring her that I remembered my assignment to get the proper foil covered casserole dish into the oven an hour ago – she asked what I was working on.

“Oh, I’m just pounding out another Encourager,” I said.

“It looks to me like you’re sitting on the couch and watching the Tigers,” she said. “I hope the school communicators you’re writing to don’t mind your distractions. I don’t see how you can concentrate.”

“Well, they’ll never know, will they?” I replied confidently. (Oops!)

“What are you writing about?” she asked.

“It’s pretty cool,” I said. “A lady named Lola Montalban traveled around Spain and took pictures of different chefs. She interviewed them and got a ‘life quote’ from each one. Then she photoshopped their quotes on their photos.”

“And how exactly does this tie into school communications?”

“Well, I thought that once school folks saw a couple of examples of Montalban’s photos, they might think about doing the same thing, but only featuring their principals or school secretaries or other key people. Including that ‘life quote’ on every photo really makes it stand out.”

“Wow… I’m impressed… can I see some?”

“Sure. Here are two.”
ChefA Shot 2013-07-09 at 4.28.37 PM



Chef B at 4.27.44 PM









“I’ve got to admit,” she said. “I can see where some people might actually run with this idea.”


“No doubt about it. You really crushed it.” she concluded while walking out.

“Thanks again!” I yelled.

“Don’t be thankful. I didn’t mean your writing,” she clarified. “I meant the couch cushion. You really crushed it. Remember to flip-them over once in awhile, OK?”

Tom Page, SCN
Wed car





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