What two-word phrases are at the top of the “emotional connector” list? – SCN Encourager

Thanks to Seth Godin you’ll now know.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 6.02.27 PMHe says that two of the most effective two-word phrases for connecting with other people are:
“Thank you.”
“I’m sorry.”

It’s a good thing he knows.

I would’ve guessed:
“It’s payday!”
* “Tigers win!”

So, I wasn’t even close.

I probably shouldn’t be too hard on myself, though.

At least I didn’t guess “Free beer!” (My third choice.)

As school communicators, we no doubt do our best to identify and amplify every possible time we can say “thank you” in our schools.

From the recognition of our school volunteers to the appreciation we express to our retirees for their years of service, we typically plan ahead and calendarize a whole series of “thank you” themed events and moments.

They’re worth the investment.

Because Godin’s not wrong, of course.

With “thank you” at the top of the emotional impact list, we should do even more to foster a sincere climate of gratitude.

Oops! MobileBut how do you similarly plan ahead and calendarize those “I’m sorry” situations and moments?

After all, isn’t an apology always going to be an expression in reaction to something?

Godin says that just because we don’t know WHEN we’ll exactly need them, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be ever ready to formulate and extend sincere apologies.

Yesterday he wrote about what makes an effective apology.

To make his key words memorable, Godin used words that began with the letter “C.”

Prior to reading article, I would’ve guessed real-world apologies are often:
• convoluted,
• confusing,
• and contrived.

Not that anyone means for them to be, but sometimes the pressure of being on the defensive can get to you.

Godin says that effective apologies need a measure of intentionality.

They must be:
• contrite
• and compassionate.

His rationale is short and to the point.

Here ’tis.

It’s so short you won’t even have to carry it with you into your weekend.

Which I hope is fun and totally “apology free.”


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