The “silver bullet” saga continues – SCN Encourager 5/16/2014

And I hope my latest revelation doesn’t come as a surprise.

And… please don’t let my previous unsuccessful attempt to pin down the proverbial “silver bullet” cause you to feel trapped in another one of my futile round-abouts.

This time I’ve nailed it.

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 4.28.39 PMNo doubt about it.

Although the silver bullet shown in the photo comes close (because it also serves as a flash drive), this is not the actual silver bullet several experts have unearthed.

And I believe they’re on to something fairly significant – even if their admonitions are somewhat daunting. (aka – one more thing for us to pile on our crowded plates…)


We live in a era in which the direct pipeline from diploma to job remains incredibly narrow, very long, and increasingly unpredictable.

While our commitment to 21st century learning in our schools is a positive impact, as it correctly prioritizes and fosters new skills and mindsets, it’s clear that many of our students will still need to do more than just meet the stated job requirements of a future prospective employer, they will need to be able to “create” their own job as well.

This means they may need to become entrepreneurs or freelancers… and perhaps be able to demonstrate to a company how they can add value in fresh, previously unthought of ways.

We live and work in this environment, too.

And this is why these experts recommend that each one of us intentionally seek “to become the silver bullet” we long to have.

So, there you have it.

The best silver bullet out there for you is simply YOU.

And YOU become more “silvery” and “bullety” through non-stop lifelong learning, the ongoing acquisition of new skills, and the steady development of personal support networks.

This is good news, right?

That the best silver bullet around is YOU.

I sure think so.

Better YOU than me, though.

I’m just happy having your email address already on file!

Enjoy your weekend.

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