The speedy-kwik leadership survey – SCN Encourager 4/17/2014

This survey is spot on simple.

I created it myself. (nuf’ saiScreen Shot 2014-04-16 at 2.23.09 PMd…)

But I’ll confess that I originally typed the wrong letter when I wrote the above line.

It made me chuckle.

At first I had typed out “nut said” instead of “nuf’ said.”

I’m glad I caught this and made the correction; but now that I compare both versions – there’s probably not much of a difference.

ANYWAY, let’s move on to my simple YES or NO leadership survey developed in top secret after lots of shaving and showering every morning while listening to many hours of podcasts.

You ready?

Question #1 (Yes or No)

Is your steady gaze of wisdom and discernment so focused on your critical organizational vision that you are vulnerable to missing many of the “opportunities of the moment” that may come your way?

(My wife Cindy scored my survey for me. She rejected my answer of “maybe.”)

Question #2 (Yes or No)

Do you consistently think in BIG and BROAD terms… and then occasionally stumble in your journey toward your preferred vision by not strategically plotting your path in small measurable steps?

(I answered this one with “who wants to know?” and Cindy changed it to “maybe.”)

Question #3 – (Yes or No) in two parts

3A. Do you use a big comfy chair when thinking and planning?

(There’s no “maybe” about this one for me! Yes!)

3B. Comfy or not, do you get your butt out of it and get enough exercise?


Tom Page, SCN
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