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Advice with a twist from a long-time leadership coach.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 9.18.08 PMBrian Tracy is a respected and insightful personal and professional development consultant.

He’s written many best-selling books and has led hundreds of trainings and seminars.

He’s never wavered from his perspective that if you want to change something– anything – you have to begin the process by changing the way you think about it.

I think he must have had three girls under his roof over the years, also.

Whenever I tried to change something – anything – at home, I would often hear similar utterances… that somehow it was my own thinking that was actually at the heart of the issue.

I wonder if my daughters knew that all through their teen years, they were fountains of sage leadership advice.

I sure didn’t.

Anyway, what astounds me about Brian Tracy is how he has established open, honest, and strong relationships with more than 1,ooo individual business and organizational leaders. (not counting my daughters…)

An interviewer recently asked him to consider all of the businesses, organizations, and leaders he has known over the course of his long and much-admired career, and to offer his best piece of advice about innovation.

Tracy said that too often we’re all prone to “chasing after the new” because that’s what the prevailing herd (made up primarily of our competitors and other people we barely know) always seems to do.

He believes that many organizations and businesses deliver their best and most effective innovations when they get out of the pack entirely and simply target and implement tangible improvements in current services, products, or programs.

New isn’t always better.

But better is always better.

This makes so much sense to me, I’m not even going to ask my daughters for their opinions.

I hope this isn’t a mistake!


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