Following March Madness and Spring Break, we’re now in our stretch run – SCN Encourager

How do you keep all of your spinning plates aloft while zipping from here to there?

spinning platesThese are crazy busy times in our schools.

How do you look up at your plates while also looking down to see what you’re about to step in?

From implementing new standardized test procedures… to planning year-end school events… to budget and staffing prep for fall 2015… it’s understandable if many in our tribe are starting to feel “the overwhelm” set in.

It would also be understandable if you were one of them, fueling your forward progress with your own concoction of grit, experience, good humor, creativity, and prayer.

I know I’m one of them.

These are crazy busy times in our schools.

I can’t tell you how many times my fretting over district projects has overwhelmed my connection to our district’s purpose.

I can’t count ’em up because I’m the same guy who’ll let cake in the break room distract him from both projects and purpose!

John WoodenBut this quotation from John Wooden (1910-2010), the famous men’s basketball coach at UCLA who won 10 NCAA championships, is helping me cut through the fog.

“When opportunity comes, it’s too late to prepare.”

I love how this observation crystalizes the critical role everyone involved in public education plays.

We’re the ones charged with ensuring that when opportunity comes knocking on the doors of our students in our care, they’re ready.

However “the overwhelm” makes us feel at times, it’s worth it.

Plus, the quote is true.

And I’m told this is a good thing, too!



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