Still sorting out Father’s Day – SCN Encourager 6/20/2014

“Marketing Lessons I Learned from my Dad.”

This is the title of a tribute written by Heidi Cohen, a highly coveted marketing consultant.

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 9.14.30 PMIn her blog, she describes growing up in New York and picking up communications and “relationship nurturing” insights from her father.

What makes her tribute unique is that she’s a respected professional communicator and so was her dad.

He was a newspaper publisher.
So as a father and school communicator myself, I was touched by Heidi Cohen’s heartfelt words.

When our family was together a few days ago, I asked my daughters what they thought of her tribute.All three of my girls are now in their 20’s, with either fiancees or a long-time boyfriend, and I also think they have some assorted pets here and there.

My ploy didn’t fool them one bit.
“Really, Dad,” Amy said, starting it off. “Do you really want us to write about what we learned from you when we were teenagers?”
“Why not?” I whined. “Think about all of the time I spent in your schools working. From middle school through high school, I was there. You saw me doing my job most everyday. Heidi Cohen learned a lot from what she saw her father do. I guess I’m wondering if I influenced you in the same way.””Dad, you were were a chaperone at all of our proms!” Katie pointed out. “You were in the gym during our pep assemblies. Don’t tell me Heidi Cohen’s dad was always around, always walking down the hallways of her school with a camera, or bugging her friends and teachers for interviews.”

“And Dad,” piped in Amy. “You helped our assistant principals poke through our backpacks when we had that bomb threat years ago. Remember those three days? You have no idea how embarrassing that was. Tell me. Was there ever any overreaction by our principals that you didn’t participate in?  I’ll bet Heidi Cohen’s dad probably worked miles away from her school. That’s why she learned so much. Her dad wasn’t peeking into the cafeteria all of the time to see which kids she was eating with.”

“Yeah, but…” I countered. “I was just checking to see if you needed lunch money.”

“Just give it up, Dad,” Amy advised.

“Amy’s right,” Katie concurred. “You’re a great dad. But it’s because we love you that we don’t write anything. Think about that.”


I am thinking about that.

And this is why I’m still sorting out Father’s Day.

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