Our straight & narrow path back to school – SCN Encourager 8/29/2013

The straight and narrow? Mitch Joel says it’s now “the squiggly.”

But I’m on a path – especially for these Encouragers – that is definitely straight and narrow.

The communications dodge (aka “the subject switcheroo”) I tried out on my wife, Cindy, the other day was short-lived.

Most of my hair-brained explanations are.

Cindy still wants to know how I can feel comfortable introducing you to marketing and communication experts who I “don’t know and haven’t met.”

She now refers to them as my “imaginary friends” – like I’m three years-old or something.

Naturally I didn’t tell her that I’m going to introduce another one to you today.

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 10.12.00 AMTiffany Peterson is a professional life and success coach and her website is called “The Lighthouse Principles.

I’m sure she’d want me to stress that I’m not one of her clients.

I’m sure my wife would want me to stress that I should be.

Anyway, I heard Tiffany on a radio program the other day.

She was asked by the host if she had a quote she would like to pass on to people doing their best to keep up with all of their job and family responsibilities.

Her quote made me think of you and the other school folks I know.

She said, “Keep showing up to serve.”

Tell me this isn’t a great quote for “our tribe.”

And I realize you’ve been striving to walk-this-talk even before you chose education as your career domain. (at least 97% of the time…)

Got it. But I needed Tiffany’s reminder.

“Keep showing up to serve.”

It’s an awesome quote, don’tcha think?

Yes, I know I’m sending it your way via another “imaginary friend.”

But if I had to totally rely on the wit and wisdom of all 6.3 of my real-life friends, these daily Encouragers would’ve stopped “showing up to serve” back in February.

Tom Page, SCN
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