Strengthening your mindset often involves a mind-shift – SCN Encourager

At least it does for me – since I hold onto my old notions with an iron grip.


Not my fault. Someone bumped into me.

Not my fault. Someone bumped into me.

they’re about the only things I can hang onto with any certainty.

But it’s a good thing (as I’m constantly reminded by Cindy and the girls) to give fresh thinking a chance every now and then.

They’re probably right.

No doubt the gap I mentally maintain between my NOW and my THEN is far wider than it should be.

What caused me to bring this to your attention today is this thought-stimulating article by Principal George Couros.

It’s only a 3-4 minute read.

(And I’m embarrassed to admit I probably wasted more time rationalizing why I didn’t need to read it.)

But Sylvia Duckworth’s colorful visual drew me in.

Sylvia is a French teacher in Toronto and her sketch-notes are incredible.

She captured all 8 characteristics attached to George Couros’ “Innovator’s Mindset.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 7.37.10 AM












This ties in perfectly with the 8 questions Couros believes are good ones to ask during an interview.

Plus, Sylvia expertly “drops in” teeny-tiny think points which amplify every characteristic.

They’re special gifts.

So don’t miss ’em.

I wish I had her talent.

You’ll notice on #6, though, that Sylvia does make use of  parentheses.

That gives me hope.

As you can see, those I can do.

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