Tech Tip Tuesday: Test drive Wistia – the first of 3 cool video platforms!

wistia1Don’t ignore YouTube as you try to expand the reach of your school videos.

If memory serves me right, YouTube comes in #2 in search engines, so to gain more views, it should be in every communicator’s tool kit.

However, this doesn’t mean that other video services shouldn’t be explored or used.

Today, I introduce you to Wistia, something I am very new to as well. It’s a service Tom mentioned a while back and I was able to check it out over break as another option for my PR role here in my district.

When your videos are about the appearance, Wistia is a fantastic option! You can customize how it looks and it’s very easy to use and distribute across various outlets. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I need to watch a YouTube tutorial before I know how to do something with my YouTube videos.

With Wistia, you now have my tutorial, and once you sign up, the site will also take you quickly through its features. Go for it!

If you have questions about Wistia, please contact me at Or, share your comments on our Forum.

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