Good news! I finally caught a break!

It’s a great feeling to have a few facts up your sleeve.

It was bound to happen.

I knew ESPN and my love of sports would save the planet.





Or at least buttress the national economy.

Last week I wrote about my generation’s dependency on the industrial “automotive economy” and how marketer Gary Vaynerchuk chimed in that tomorrow’s winners will be those who will master ways to create content for our world’s ga-zillion hand-held devices.

I’m sure Vaynerchuk meant well.

But I didn’t feel encouraged.

The prospects of a “content creator” economy seemed so sub-standard.

Was it really vibrant and dynamic enough to offer future family-supporting opportunities for our young people?

Then I saw this.



Did you know HBO invests about $2 billion annually in the creation of new content?

Showtime and FX don’t spend quite as much every year, but they come close.

Now get this.

In the coming year, Netflex will invest more than $6 billion in new content creation… more that HBO, Showtime, and FX combined.

Netflex is still only #2, though, in this arena.

The company investing the absolute most for new content this year is actually ESPN, spending an unbelievable sum of more than $11 billion on the licensing of ball games, tournaments, and live sporting events.

And here’s where I caught a break.

And the logic is irrefutable.

•  Our new economy will be fueled by content creators.
•  The #1 investor in future content creation is ESPN.
•  Those of us who watch sports regularly are boosting America.





Of course, this will all take a little time for this reasoning to settle in with some people.

The $11 billion invested by ESPN speaks for itself.

But this doesn’t mean that my wife will ever accept that she’s living with a true patriot.

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