Launch your new school year like it’s the Kentucky Derby – SCN Encourager

And I don’t mean by galloping around in a circle

Or by sipping a mint julep.

Ooh, that wouldn’t be good.

Especially on social media.

Now, you could wear one of those fancy Kentucky Derby hats to your Back to School event if you like.

That’d definitely get you noticed and be a cool way to show off.

But those crazy hats typically cost about $350 each!

So forget making a fashion statement at Churchhill Downs.

It’s a budget-buster.

Rather, I’d like to recommend that you adopt a race track bettor’s mindset and carry it into the new school year.

Here’s why.

Studies show there’s a strong link between belief and confidence.

Particularly in betting circles.

It seems than when a person places a wager on a specific horse – just betting process alone increases the person’s belief that the horse will be a winner.

Mere non-bettors sitting on the sidelines don’t demonstrate the same level of confidence.

Nor do they come close to the same high commitment to what’ll happen in the race itself.

Whatever other factors there may be – the track conditions, the weather, the jockeys, the trainers, and the horses – don’t really impact a race fan’s inner confidence like the physical act of placing a bet.

When I learned this, it struck me how we “school fans” should similarly bet on our staff and students.

While all of our other factors – the condition of our buildings, the weather, the teachers, the coaches, and the students – are important.

It’s our willingness to openly show confidence in them in visible tangible ways – beginning on Day One and throughout the school year – that could amplify them all.

Race track betting is a gamble.

Intentionally expressing confidence in our people isn’t.

Always Dreaming

Here’s another school & Kentucky Derby connection.

(In my warped mind, anyway.)

I had forgotten that the winner of the 2017 Kentucky Derby was “Always Dreaming.”


Talk about a great new school theme!

We could think up worse, you know.

And oops.

I’m pretty sure I have.

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