The SCN Encourager – Thursday, January 24, 2013

“Love me or hate me.” There’s something to this notion.

Affirmations are powerful. When we use them regularly, we do so hoping that our affirming words will not only uplift the recipient, but they will also help keep them aloft for a bit. Sincere intentional affirmations are a way to show we care.

Until I read the following study, I always thought of this daily Encourager email as a way to affirm and appreciate your work as well as connect you to some ideas and perspectives you might find interesting. 

School communicators frequently have difficult jobs to do. So from the very beginning, I’ve tried to shape the Encourager into something that was positive and upbeat. And what the heck? If I picked up a few new communication skills along the way to share with you (or more typical for me, keep describing my on-going battle with just the basics) all the better. 

Besides what could possibly ever be the benefit of me emailing you hurtful put-downs and disparaging remarks about what you know and do? None that I could imagine. 

But boy, was I wrong. 

Check out this study. It’s an easy direct link. Apparently there’s a lot of tangible value for creative types to not always have things go their way.

I’m excited because this study has opened up new ports of exploration for me in mapping out my messages to you and other school communicators. Forget about Dale Carnegie. And ol’ Norman Vincent Peale? What’d he know, anyway? It may be time to delve into all of those negative and painful experiences, folks. If only for your own good.

So, in light of this study, I’m going to re-think my Pollyanna approach to the Encourager.
I may be keeping you from being all you can be.

Tom Page, SCN managing editor
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