The SCN Encourager – Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ever wonder who influenced marketing guru Seth Godin?

Yeah, I know. Probably only a nut like me would puzzle over this, but think about it. Seth Godin is one of the top marketing minds (and personal brands) in the country today. How’d he get to this mountain top? Who helped shape his thinking?

Aren’t you even the least bit curious? I was. And that’s why I was glad to stumble upon another radio show. I learned some things. (And you’re not alone. My wife shares your hopes that I’ll begin collecting stamps or take up gardening – anything that doesn’t have a volume button!)

The radio show was about the life and impact of Zig Ziglar, a masterful motivational expert and popular keynote speaker. He passed away in November. I could write a bunch about him – but here’s a 10 minute video (2008) that captures a bit of the encouragement and insights he passionately instilled in others.

Ten minutes of your time is valuable and you’ll never get it back. I know this. So let’s try and experiment. Watch the video and if I wasted your time, email me back with your address and I’ll send you a $10 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble. Fair enough?  (And this “buck a minute” offer is made in good faith. No joke. I just discovered a little shoe box on my wife’s side of the closet…$$$…we can do this! My email link is under my name below. But this is just between us school communicators, okay?) 

Now, back to Seth Godin.

In the radio show, Zig Ziglar’s son, Tom, described how he met Seth Godin recently. Godin visited Tom’s office to tell him about the great impact and influence his father had on his own life and career.

Godin didn’t have to make the trek. He did so without notice. And Tom Ziglar admitted on the radio that he never knew that Godin followed his dad’s books and principles over the years. He couldn’t believe it when Godin recited some longtime Ziglar principles and quotes from memory.

All in all, this was an incredible visit to hear about – and despite the grief I take (deserved) – I’m glad I caught it on the radio.

And here’s the take-away for school communicators:  As Tom Ziglar thanked Seth Godin for stopping in, he asked him what particular influence – what particular teaching – of his dad’s did he (Godin) find most helpful today?

Godin answered, “everything.”

And Godin elaborated, “We are now in a ‘connected’ economy, not an information or data economy. The ability to network, reach out, and build trust with integrity is essential. No one promoted this better than your dad. And those principles are foundational to my work in communications and marketing today.”

In closing, remember the 10 minute Zig Ziglar video experiment. Better act soon. If my wife finds out that I’ve been nibbing around the closet and by her shoes, all bets are off!

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