The SCN Encourager – Wednesday, December 5, 2012

OAISD Superintendent Karen McPhee is not a Grinch, however . . .

Maybe I’m not being fair. Ottawa Area Intermediate School District Superintendent Karen McPhee is not a Grinch – but she did steal an effective communications idea from Santa! And she’s not at all shy about sharing it. Maybe as a former MPSRA (MI) president, Karen feels entitled to snatch and grab worthwhile PR concepts wherever she finds them. Check out Karen’s latest Guest Post on our scnforyou site.

She makes the claim that Santa routinely and strategically employs a relationship-building “sneak attack device.” I’d be curious to see what Santa has to say in response. He’s been silent (or too busy) thus far. Karen’s guest post did spark a “Bah, humbug!” join-the-conversation reply from E. Scrooge, APR (Wharton Business School), but that’s about it. What do you think?

Tom Page, SCN managing editor

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