Got a huge decision to make? Don’t overlook this. – SCN Encourager

Contemplating the “pros” and “cons” is only one step.

your story begins...You also need to consider your decision’s legacy.

That is, what is it you’d like to have said about your decision after it has been put in motion?  (and actually impacting people in the real world?)

It’s worth giving this some thought.

Pre-PR is always trumps Post-PR.

The legacy of your decision is shaped BEFORE it’s ever finalized, written down, tweeted, or uploaded with a cute kitten in the foreground on YouTube.

The full texture of your story actually begins WHEN you discuss and outline the conversation you’d like to see others having about it months down the road.

Particularly since much of it will occur in the speedy-kwik lane on social media.

Only after a clear direction and message framework has been established, does all of your financial projecting, resourcing, touting, implementing, and wowing make sense.

I know you know this.

Because I know this.

But nevertheless, sometimes we still manage jumble up the order and discover that our “best story” got morphed into something that was too copycat, too late, and too boring.

When we’ve considered the full legacy – or the broader narrative – of our decision in the very first stages, it’s surprising how easily the appealing promotional phrases and visuals needed later all come together.

When Cindy walked by my computer screen and saw the pink lettering on the graphic, she asked if I was writing about breast cancer awareness.

“Nope,” I said. “This Encourager is about what to do first when you need to make a decision.”

“What’s that? she quipped. “Get off the couch?”

That works, too!


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