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But I’m changing things up at the last second today

And why not?

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-7-06-22-pmJust like a quarterback sizing up the playing field right before the snap, can’t I call a quick “audible” at the line of scrimmage whenever I want?

Cindy says I can.

Just that I should call what I’m doing for what it really is – “taking a mulligan.”

 I intended to write about a podcast I heard last week.

The show guest was an author who had written a book on SUCCESS.

He had interviewed dozens of real-world leaders and game-changers and his bottom line summary intrigued me; that individual and organizational success is always rooted in a definitive and disciplined system.

He said it’s a simple equation.

Success = A Clear System

I was looking forward to writing about the impressive record of the New England Patriots, quarterback Tom Brady, and head coach Bill Belichick.

They employ a consistent approach to the game of football – a system – that is unrivaled in the NFL.

I’m sure I would’ve had you spellbound.

But now we’ll never know.
(Okay, we kinda do…)

Then two days ago I went to a noon-hour funeral.

A friend’s mother died at age 91 and I wanted to be there, even if just to sit in the back of the church.

Paul’s mother was one of the most cheerful, caring, and supportive individuals I’ve ever known.

At the designated moment in the service, Paul’s older brother went to the podium in the front to read the scripture his mother had selected herself just two weeks ago.

It was one of her favorites.

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-7-05-35-pm“It’s fitting I read from my mom’s bible,” he began. “I haven’t seen this in years. You all can probably see how taped up and marked up it is. This thing is really old.

“And when I opened it this morning to bookmark the verses for today, I could tell how precious this book was to my mom. I was amazed by how many little notes and scribbles she managed to store within it.

“There was note in her handwriting that I found especially interesting.

“I couldn’t help noticing this old dog-eared card my mom had written to herself.

“It reads,

Remember –

… to locate the blessings that are there,

… to see how you’re challenged to do better,

… to discover who needs to be in your prayers today,

… and to set your attitude for the day accordingly.”

And then Paul’s older brother said,

“And now let’s listen to one of my mom’s most cherished scriptures… keeping in mind the system that seemed to work so well for her.”


At this point, I knew I’d have an inner battle ever trying to write about success and using football and the New England Patriots as an example.

It was slowly dawning on me that Paul’s mom had a winning system, too.

And it also dawned on me that I’d better rush home right after the funeral before returning to work and scuff up my own bible a bit.

Life is short and you never know.

I could just envision my younger brother going up to the front of the church to read a scripture at MY funeral and say:

“I’m now going to read from Tom’s bible at this time. Please bear with me for a few minutes while I take it out of the box it came in, remove the cellophane wrap, and peel off the price tag.” 

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