Believe it or not. Seth Godin and I both write a blog post every weekday. – SCN Encourager

But aside from this fact–the similarity ends.

Seth GodinSeth Godin has many admirers.

Deservedly so.

He’s one of the most brilliant marketing minds around.

And if you aren’t checking in with him periodically, you might want to.

He’ll definitely sharpen your edge.

Godin’s blog post yesterday was only 65 words.

No graphics.
No links.
No quotes.
No kittens, puppies,
or emojis.

Nothing but him.

Nevertheless, the insight he offered to all of us who lead, learn, teach, persuade, or story tell was remarkable.

And like so many of his other suggestions, it’s do-able and doesn’t cost a dime.

Here ’tis.

In Search of a Metaphor by Seth Godin 

The best way to learn a complex idea is to find it living inside something else you already understand.

“This,” is like, “that.” 

An amateur memorizes. A professional looks for metaphors.

It’s not a talent, it’s a practice. When you see a story, an example, a wonderment, take a moment to look for the metaphor inside.

Lessons are often found where we look for them. 


Godin sure packs a powerful message into his 5 lines and 65 words, don’tcha think?

And note:

He gives us a good way to pull something within.

He gives us a good way to push something out.

Every line can stand all by itself and still poke you.

And incredibly, you can even read it backwards—reading up from the last line all the way up to the first line—and Godin’s piece is still rock-solid.

How often do you see this happen?

Now, I don’t mean to brag…

But maybe it’s not a big deal to have your message convey the exact same meaning whether you start it from the top or start it from the bottom.

I might even be more skilled at this kind of thing than Godin.

All I know is that every time Cindy reads in reverse order something I’ve written, she always gives me high praise about “how much better it reads this way.”

Let Godin try that!

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