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The trick is trying to determine the right balance.

magic hatDang.

Somehow I knew combining these three triggers wouldn’t be easy.

Luckily, marketing expert Bill Belew knocks ’em out in a simple list.

Honestly, getting this list together for you was somewhat of a challenge for me because there’s a much more famous “Bill Belew” – the renown costume designer who created “stage wear” for Elvis Presley, Gloria Estefan, and Gladys Knight.

I got sidelined clicking between several different links.

Guess who just spent the last 17 minutes reading about Belew’s working relationship with Elvis and all that went into color choices, stylish capes, and fringe options?

It wasn’t a colossal waste of time, though.

I finally have some ideas of my own about what to wear to my daughter’s wedding in eight months! (But I better start growing out my sideburns soon…)

So now that I’ve crawled out of that Elvis cyberspace rabbit hole, I’ll share the “3 Mental Triggers in Marketing” according to Bill Belew, the non-costume designer guy.

Belew recommends that you include these 3 elements into your marketing:

#1  SCARCITY – build in limited time, limited number, limited space

#2  AUTHORITY – build on your expertise, nobody does it better, etc.

#3  COMMUNITY – point out how everyone’s signing up, buying in, loving it

And, oh yeah, the next step is more difficult.

(Of course.)

ElvisBut it does give school communicators the opportunity to step in and shine.

All we’ve got to do is finagle, tweak, test, and figure out what the right strategic mix of the three mental triggers should be.

No simple task.

Squeezing Elvis (or me) into a perfectly fitting stage costume no doubt would be easier.

And I think Elvis would agree.

“Thank you very much.”


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