Wow your friends with the perfect toast on New Year’s Eve – SCN Encourager

This gadget’s now in my “Must Have…If Only” file

It adds an exciting new feature to a classic kitchen appliance.

weird gift at 9.45.23 PMSome folks will love it just for the sake of its technology.

But more important (to me, anyway), the eventual product “pops up” in something edible.

That’s all I needed to know.

This made it easy for me to be an early adopter.

After all, who could resist an awesome selfie-toaster?

Cindy could.

She nixed it.

(Something about having a toaster in our home that still works…)

So I thought I’d better try a back-door approach to getting hold of this 21st century toaster technology.

“Hey, Cindy,” I said. “Check out what else this toaster can do!”

Weird gift AA at 2.50.16 PM






“Next year is a big election year.” I reminded.

“Who wouldn’t want GOP or DEM logo-toast for breakfast?

No one could resist that “Vote with your Toast” tagline!”

But Cindy could.

She nixed it again.

(Something about not wanting our friends to think I’m nuts…)

So I moved on.

And in moving on –

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 3.03.49 PMand in exploring other resources and tools –

I came across something I’m eager to tell you about tomorrow.

It has big time usefulness for most school communicators.

And don’t worry.

It’s not this Tiki replica Kleenex dispenser.

I wish it was.

I think this is kinda cool.

But I won’t be suggesting any more crazy products to anyone anytime soon.

I’ve already got two strikes against me.

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