Mirror, Mirror, on the wall. Who’s the … ? – SCN Encourager

There’s a truth about mirrors we shouldn’t forget.

It’s simple.

But it’s easy to gloss over.

It’s this:

You can only look into ONE mirror at a time.

Now… me?

I try not to look into any of them, if you really must know.

But since I’ve been dogged by a ONE THING jones all week, I’m going to ride this theme one more day.

Luckily, the truth which underpins this ONE MIRROR reality gives us three good thinkpoints.

Here’s the first.

Many experts say it’s a big mistake to look in the mirror and expect to find innovation.

Reflections can be confusing.

“Poor practices” can often come off as “common practices” – and not really be the “best practices” they seem to be.

True innovators don’t look in the mirror for inspiration.

They look in unusual and outside-of-the-norm places.

I had never thought of my unfinished basement as an innovators inspiration center before, but I guess it is!

The second ONE MIRROR truth is this:

You can’t serve another person while looking in the mirror.

The YOU that you see there is in the way!

So move to the side, buster.

You want to have a clear view of the person you desire to serve.

And have that person etched in your mind.

One day, instead of moving to the side of the mirror, I pretended I was someone else in order to be the person I desired to serve.

Yeah, this flopped.

Now I just move to the side.

Here’s the final truth.

You can’t attack the day and move your organization forward while standing in front of the mirror gazing at yourself.

You need to look deep into the mirror and see –

the staff member who’s not buying-in,
the parent who’s worried about her 3rd grader,
or the freshman who’s getting abused at home.

They have challenges, hopes, and dreams, too.

And sometimes these things are awfully hard to see.

Cindy thinks might actually be pretty good at this, though.

If only I was allowed to use my tried and true rearview mirror.

– – – – – – – – –

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