The “Two Minute PSD Week” is headed your way! – SCN Encourager 8/16/2013

While you’re inspiring others, how ’bout some inspiration for you?

SCN’s first-ever online “Two Minute PSD Week” begins next week and is –
EXCLUSIVELY for school leaders and communicators!

In the August 19-23 Encouragers, a line-up of five special presenters will use less than two minutes of your time on their assigned day to share a valuable message –
EXCLUSIVELY for school leaders and communicators!

(It’s said that “exclusively” is a big time copywriting “power word.” So you have no idea how thrilled I am to finally have the chance to over-use it.)

You may have a have question or two since you haven’t read the details below yet.

How did I get this fantastic line-up of five key influencers and trend-shapers?
Good question. I calculated the two-minute rate of a $300 per-hour attorney and found out that this worked out to ten bucks. None of the speakers nibbled at this, however. But, let the record show that my first attempt involved contacting these folks with a fair market-value proposal.

So now I need you to keep a secret. (And it’s just between us, okay?) 
Since no speaker accepted my more-than-fair offer for payment, you’ll be pleased to know that SCN’s “Two Minute” PSD Week will still go on as scheduled. But with Plan B in effect – which calls for all five of our expert speakers to deliver their presentations to you next week without any knowledge that they’re actually even doing so.

Fortunately, every presenter did email me the short description of the “positive theme” they chose for their presentation.

Here are next week’s coming attractions:

Seth Godin, marketing expert and author
PSD theme: You’re an imposter.

Bernadette Jiwa, author of “fortune cookie principle”
PSD theme: I don’t believe you.

Karen McPhee, superintendent Ottawa Area ISD (MI)
(the only two minute presenter on this list that I actually know in person)
PSD themeIt’s background check time, buster!

Jack Canfield, author of the “Chicken Soup” books and many others
PSD theme: Thanks for nothing. 

Mitch Joel, marketing expert and author
PSD theme: How could you have missed that?

You won’t need to pre-register.
You won’t need to re-arrange your calendar.
You won’t have to fill out a mileage form.
You won’t have to scribble out a name tag.
And all of all of this is FREE.
So there’s no money back guarantee, either.
(I won’t fall for this one again, you wise guys!)

Enjoy your weekend –
Seth Godin will be the first one up to greet you on Monday.

Tom Page, SCN
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