Two phrases guaranteed to boost your popularity – SCN Encourager

These two little gems will work wonders at home and work.

And now is the perfect time to haul them out.

With the excitement of the Super Bowl starting to wane, we’re in a rare calendar lull when big time sporting and media events are few and far between.

You couldn’t ask for a better window for dusting off your conversational skills.

March Madness is still a few weeks away.

So open up your school communicator’s tool box.

Experts in the “win friends and influence people” biz say using both of these phrases frequently will increase your likability.

Likability is important, you know.
It’s the precursor to trust.

I can’t say I know any of these experts personally – as I’m still following my preferred “how not to step in it” cadre of advisors.

But think about what the win friends and influence people gurus are recommending.

Wouldn’t you respond favorably if someone directed these phrases your way?

•  I’d like to hear more …

•  Tell me what you think … 

Even the coldest person warms up when hearing these words.

Now I wasn’t sure about power of these phrases at first.

So I tried using them at particular times at home.


They’re dang near miracle workers.

I was surprised by how touched Cindy was to hear them.

Of course, once again, I couldn’t leave well enough alone.

I had to swerve off-script by saying,

“I want to hear more about what you think, Cindy – but hey, could you toss me the remote? The Redwings are on in a minute.”


I sure didn’t win or influence anyone with that blunder.

But at least you know why I have the cadre of advisors that I do.

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