The most valuable real estate on the planet – SCN Encourager 5/13/2014

And no, I did not learn this from my realtor brother!

Waterfront housesBesides, he hasn’t returned any of my calls since he was trapped in a recent lockdown at one of our schools. (The crybaby!)

But his expertise isn’t needed, anyway.

We all know expensive top-of-the-market real estate when we see it.

We have heard (and probably repeated) the popular – but still true – mantra of location, location, location many times.

We get it.

Some real estate is much more valuable than others.

And no doubt, there’s a bureaucrat somewhere monitoring all of the “assessment gaps.”

So, what’s the hottest real estate out there in 2014? 

And what difference does it make to school leaders and communicators?

An article in the June edition of MacWorld featured this quote by Brent Hieggelke, the chief marketing officer for Urban Airship – a major player and partner in the the development of many of our most successful apps.

He said, “The smartphone home screen is the most valuable real estate on the planet.”

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 1.41.04 PMOur schools will still need to mail postcards, create newcomer packets, and knock on a few doors.

I’m a big believer in the effectiveness of traditional marketing.

But we shouldn’t overlook the overwhelming influence that “smartphone searches” now have in the formation of “brand impressions” and the later “commitment” decisions made by consumers.

Yikes!  This has big time implications for me.

For one, I’d better start learning a few of those new tech skills I’ve been putting off.

The good news is that I can honestly report to Cindy that our little humble abode is gigantic when directly compared to the most valuable real estate on the planet.

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