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Are you embarrassed by your own video creations?

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 10.38.21 PMDoes it seem like everyone else on the planet is able to produce a whiz bang school video in less time than it takes for you to charge your camera?

Well, since this is my sad state of affairs, I have decided to do something about it.

After a bit of research, I ran across an article that presented 10 ideas to help get new video projects off to a good start.

Along with good lighting and good sound, the author (with ties to YouTube) wrote that the most popular videos all share one characteristic; they’re connected to themes that resonate with audiences.


There’s got to be an idea listed here that’ll boost my standing in the “video space.”

And feel free to snap one up for yourself, too.

The article offered these 10 sure-fire winners.

1. Make a DICTIONARY VIDEO. Every video has its own acronyms. Show people the acronyms commonly used in your field. What?!? Is he kidding? We’re in education! Creating this kind of video could take years!

2. Make a new video of one of your OLD PRESENTATIONS.  Uh, oh. I still haven’t finished several “old presentations” that my former superintendent requested back in 1998.

3. Make a TIME-LAPSE or FAST SPEED VIDEO. Set your camera on your desk. Record for 8 hours. Capture what happens throughout your workday and share it later in superfast motion. This idea is way to risky. If my superintendent saw a video of my office in superfast playback, he’d compare it to a still photo of my office, and then he’d demand to know why he didn’t see any difference in motion between the two. (Not good.)

4. Make a FOOD VIDEO. Record what you eat for breakfast for 30 days. Sorry. There’s nothing I can write that is funnier than this recommendation itself.

5. Make a PRANK VIDEO. Inspire the pranksters in your workplace. People always enjoy sharing videos like this. And no doubt they all have new found free time. They all probably got fired!  So, this one’s not for me. I’ve got my daughters’ weddings ahead, remember? I need to work for 14 more years!

6. Make a VIDEO of a LIST. Everyone likes to read lists. The fact that you’re reading this list only  proves how popular lists are. No, it doesn’t. It only proves how unpopular I am! Popular people don’t have the time to read lists like this.

7. Make a “Q & A” VIDEO. People LIKE them. Then make an “A & Q” VIDEO. People LOVE Jeopardy. OK. Fine! But what do I do with the “&QA” video I made last Tuesday!

8. Make a “HOW TO” VIDEO. They’re always rank high. Make a video of something YOU know how to do. Yikes! Talk about a mountain too high to climb!

9. Make a “TOUGH STAND” VIDEO. Controversy always stirs up interest. Give voice to an extreme position by stating something like “Recycling should be outlawed.” There seems to be a rugged research component associated with this one. When did recycling actually become legal in the first place?

And  here’s my personal favorite –

10. Make a “BEHIND THE CURTAIN” VIDEO. People crave to see what’s happening behind-the- scenes. Now this one has potential. Hope you have the stomach for what may be coming!

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