What’s the difference between “good – better – best” leadership? – SCN Encourager

It’s actually easier to figure out than this roofing materials chart.

Take a look.







No doubt you’ve seen scads of similar column-ized product comparisons.

As a sad excuse for a handyman myself, I need charts like this whenever I buy items for DIY projects at home.

I like how a knucklehead like me can tally up the checkmarks and feel like he’s making an informed decision.

But to be totally honest with you, I rarely have DIY projects at home.

Mine are more like DIYWS projects, where WS = With Supervision.

Although the “good – better – best” comparatives can be slanted in basic product lineups  – especially if ONLY ONE item is in stock – applying the same three measures to leadership is much more clear cut.

See for yourself.

A good leader is aware and on top of the current situation.

A better leader is aware of what’s happening and is already planning for the next situation.

And the best leader is aware of what’s happening and is also anticipating the situation that comes right after the next situation.

It’s possessing this keen “next, then next” vision that lifts a good leader up to best leader status.

And in our times of constant change, this “next, then next” ability is more important than ever.

I thought I’d build up my “next, then next” superpowers at home first.

I didn’t to look like a doofus at work until I had this thinking way-Way-WAY ahead business all figured out.

I began by intentionally engaging in conversation with Cindy to see if I could anticipate what she’d say “next… and then next” as I brought up some topics we always talk about.

It didn’t go well.

She thought I was just chatting her up to avoid getting started on my DIYWS projects.

(And dang, I still can’t believe I didn’t see that response coming!) 

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