This infographic sure won’t be helping my weekend any! – SCN Encourager

So, I’m passing it on to you with my best wishes.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 7.27.17 PMAbout two years ago Laura Vanderkam undertook a research project.

She then wrote a book revealing “what the most successful people do on the weekend.”

I didn’t buy her book.

I already knew what the most successful do on their weekends – the exact opposite of whatever I do on my weekends.

Recently, though, Forbes and CNN published an infographic based on Vanderkam’s findings.

This rekindled my hope that one day I, too, could finagle a way into conducting my weekend activities in a manner similar to the most successful.

This was important to me because all of my hopes for tapping into the “rich and famous” lifestyle were dashed back in 1995 when Robin Leach’s TV show was cancelled.

So, it was nice to have something to cling to once again, even if it was limited to Saturdays and Sundays.

Maybe the simple graphic created by Forbes and CNN would do the trick!

I could hardly wait to show it to Cindy. Here it is.

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 8.34.29 PM

I was surprised by how enthusiastic Cindy was about this chart.

But I quickly learned the reason why.

The first thing she spotted was the lower right side – #7 Exercise.

She couldn’t help nodding in agreement.

But once her eyes shifted over to #2 Limit Chores (mere milliseconds later), I knew this chart was not going to have the desired effect.

Dang. I’d now be forced to live out my weekends the way I always do.

I reached into my school communicator’s tool box to try and reclaim the ground I lost, figuring that if I asked Cindy a few thought-provoking questions I might be able to reverse her sentiments.

“Please look over the whole chart, Cindy,” I pleaded. “Don’t trash it so quickly. Don’t you think I should at least try out limiting chores on weekends for a few months, and then we assess together if I have become more successful or not? How will we know until we try? This chart is clearly research based.”

“Tom,” she said. “You’ve got to be kidding. Limiting weekend chores will not help you become successful. Sheesh! People become successful first… and then they are able to limit their weekend chores.”

So, now I pass this chart on to you with my best wishes for a super weekend.

Cindy and I will be continuing our own version of the “chicken or the egg” discussion.






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