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I love the Super Bowl. You love the Super Bowl. All of God’s children love the Super Bowl.

Here’s why.

I listened to a psycho-journalist on Saturday and she said 97% of us are all weird in pretty much the same way.

Now, I may have her title wrong… maybe she was actually a journo-psychologist.

But I’m not wrong about her belief that most of us share a strange tendency.

Her reasoning goes like this.
(And yes, once again, I’m happy to point out it’s fully “research-backed.”)

And it has to do with those times we are lucky enough to go on a vacation or take an extended break from work.

It seems that whenever we “get away” – purportedly to relax and have some fun – we somehow manage to still carry along within us a few inner doubts about what’s going on back at work.

For example, let’s say I leave good ol’ Holland (MI) to go Disney World for a week.

The psycho-journalist claims that somewhere in the back of my mind I won’t be able to stop wondering about what’s going on back at work with my boss and everyone else at school, and then I’ll start worrying about what’s going on in while I’m away and what new projects might be awaiting me upon my return.

And sadly, she’s right!

This is why I always try to travel with Cindy whenever I can.

This reduces my anxiety by 50%.
(This is also researched-backed, by the way.)

Because with Cindy in tow I only have to worry about my superintendent adding to my to-do list while I’m away.

Not her.

But this isn’t a complete strategy, however.

I’m so goofy–

Even if my superintendent doesn’t assign me any new projects while I’m away… perhaps preferring to assign them to a co-worker instead (or even an action team of 5th graders)… I’ll fret about that.

What a dope I am.

But this illustrates why we like big time, universal, no-one’s-at-work-and-conspiring-behind-our-back EVENTS like the Super Bowl.

Think about it.

When all of us are united as one and watching the Super Bowl, or enjoying our various Thanksgiving Day dinners, or attending our various celebrations on July 4th, all of our nutty what’s-happening-without-me worries are temporarily vanquished.

We’re paranoia free.

Whenever all of us are basically doing kinda the same thing at kinda the same time, we really don’t have to worry about anyone conspiring to make our lives miserable behind our backs, right?

Everyone is engaged in their own – but similar – activities.

Now how cool is that?!?

This theory is brand new to me.

I had never heard about it before.

But I think the psycho-journalist is onto something.

That there really are unique “moments in time” when we are totally free from all all of our various wonderings, speculations, and worries about what might be happening back home or back at work while we’re away.


The psycho-journalist has not met my daughters.

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