Will an all-too-rare “aha moment” zoom down upon you today? – SCN Encourager

That’s what I would’ve wished for you, you know.


I’ve discovered that’s not how “aha moments” pop up.


Apparently you’ve got to be observant and it helps to have a big nose.

(So yay! I’m halfway there!)

This all dawned on me while listening to Bernadette Jiwa discuss her new book “Hunch.”

She’s got a strong message about the value of everyday insights and even provides ways on how to better at mining them.

If this doesn’t sound all that earth-shattering enough for you, know Jiwa is one of the few writers out there Seth Godin says he looks forward to reading every week.

At first I wasn’t happy to hear that  acquiring valuable “everyday insights” requires effort.

It squashed my dreams of ever waking up someday with a spectacular bolt-of-lightning idea!

Jiwa says our aha moments are always there for the taking and she used a historical example from 350 years ago to embellish the point.

Remember the story of Isaac Newton and the apple tree?

The simple version (the one I actually prefer) has Newton sitting under the tree, getting bopped on the head by a falling apple, and then immediately concluding “Bam! I’ve just discovered gravity!”

Jiwa wonders if something else occurred.

She said the apple tree in the story was located right outside of Newton’s bedroom window.

So isn’t it logical to assume Newton had been observing the apple tree over the years… and that his famous “aha moment” came after a slow build-up, and not from a mere out-of-the-blue zap of insight?

And if you accept this, you know what this means, right?

It means our own “aha moments” (today’s and tomorrow’s) are all around us RIGHT NOW just waiting for us to notice them and bring them to life.

Our “aha moments” are right under our nose!

Which now kinda makes me glad I have a big one!

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