I hope Adweek will still spotlight my “Ode to a Pork Chop.” – SCN Encourager

It sure went gaga over some haikus about burritos.

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But that’s my luck!

Last week Adweek ran a story calling attention to Chipotle’s popular “Haiku” contest.

It had high praise for both the contest and the many Chipotle customers who fawned over their favorite tacos and burritos in exactly 17 syllables and exactly three lines.

Of course, this means that the moving and rhythmic “Ode to a Pork Chop” I wrote yesterday will not get any media coverage.

It’s now old news.

Adweek’s will give it the too bad, too late, and too sad cold shoulder.

Oh, well.

When I first read the story, I couldn’t help wondering, “Is writing about food this big a deal?”

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But you know better than I that the focal point of the story really wasn’t wasn’t about the food.

My question was off the mark.

The Adweek story was really about how Chipotle used Twitter to nurture  its brand engagement.

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 10.41.26 PMWhen the format is a contest or some other kind of game, the evidence shows that loyalists for many brands and organizations turn out in droves when they are given the opportunity to have fun and have their say.

Could our schools do the same?

Why not?

A company catering to entrepreneurs sponsored an “equation contest,” in which contributors were challenged to set down their definitions of a successful product using the simple ____ + ____ = ____ formula.

You can see why this was one of the top ones.

A problem-solving solution + A more efficient process = An irresistible, unsurpassed value

(Yep, it’s tweet-able and shareable.)

We should be able to jump on board.

A talented & caring teacher + Eager & active 5 year-olds = The future under construction

(Yep, it’s also tweet-able and shareable.)

Whether it’s sponsoring a word game, a haiku, or a clever connect-the-dot guessing activity, schools have more opportunities to do this than most.

I’m ready to submit my “Ode to a Pork Chop” if you decide to sponsor a contest promoting your food service department.

Just let me know.

Like I said, I finished it on Sunday afternoon.

It’s funny what you’ll do when there’s no more football on TV.

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