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This is a winner if clarity is your objective


I think clarity is overrated.

I much prefer my patented longwinded round-a-bouts.

Don’t you?


Forget I even asked.

But since you might be composing a Back to School greeting or writing a welcome letter on your website soon, this is a great time to share this advice.

It comes from Joanna Wiebe, one of today’s rising stars in copywriting.

It’s also grounded in this week’s “Power of One” theme.

Joanna says when we sit down to write something, we need to think about FOUR THINGS.

•  Write to your intended audience with only ONE PERSON in mind. You’ll find that if you effectively connect with ONE, you’ll succeed at connecting with everyone else.

•  Convey only ONE MESSAGE. Although you may present several bullet points in support of your message, keep them closely aligned to your ONE MESSAGE. If they aren’t connected, delete them.

•  Direct the reader to only ONE CALL TO ACTION. Your singular CTA should be limited to an invitation to an open house, a bus safety meeting, or whatever. You just want to make it super clear what “single step” you want taken. If you feel you must present multiple tasks, dates, or reminders, create a checklist, and then ask your reader to simply “see the attached checklist.”

•  Wrap up your communication by giving your reader just ONE IDEA of what to EXPECT. Setting a future expectation in this manner will give you the best chance to exceed it.

One person.
One message.
One call to action.
One idea of what to expect.

I like it!

Still… I couldn’t refrain from emailing Joanna to ask her what she has against longwinded round-a-bouts.

I doubt I’ll hear back.

I’m probably ONE PERSON she prefers not to think about.

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