U new to Wufoo? This redux covers the basics.

Everyone learns in their own way.

opoheartNo getting around it.

If you’re like OPO here (your “One Person Office” partner in crime), you may have missed SCN’s first two video tutorials on Wufoo, which is a great service for creating online forms.

As a busy school communicator, it’s understandable that you’re crazy schedule is understandable.

However, if you’re like Tom, you didn’t miss the tutorials because of your workload– you just couldn’t figure out how to set up your free Wufoo account so that you could follow along with the tutorials.

If you’re like Tom, I suggest you keep this news to yourself. Your career might be better off.

But I’ll play along with Tom’s contention that there are at least three other individuals out there who had difficulty setting up their initial Wufoo account, so here’s a very brief video covering how to do this.

Whatever your approach to gaining access to Wufoo, I think you’ll find its format quite intuitive. You’re mere minutes away from creating online surveys and registration forms.

So, to you I say “enjoy!”

And to Tom and the three others, I say “no more excuses!”

If you have questions, contact me at: jimc@scnforyou.com

Here are links to SCN’s first two Wufoo lessons:

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