Here’s ONE thing we all share with our parents (and each other!) – SCN Encourager

The truth doesn’t have to hurt.

But it does have to be reckoned with.

This tweet caught my eye yesterday.
(Along with 11,847 other distractions…)

It originated with Arne Duncan, the former Secretary of Education.










I don’t think it’s any coincidence 90% of parents think their children are on track in math and reading when only 33% actually are.

This practically mirrors every national survey on customer service.

Those surveys reveal nearly 84% of the organizational and business leaders say they offer “excellent” customer service.

Unfortunately, the same surveys show only 27% of their customers believe that they do.


I wish there were easy answers for how to bridge these gaps, but apparently our willingness to believe in things far above the level of the real-world facts is in our DNA.

But we could do much worse than living our lives as eternal optimists.

I hope hearing the truth doesn’t hurt too much.

But it might.

It probably means you’re as nutty as I am!

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