What to do when you’re going to get tackled. – SCN Encourager 4/28/2014

Sometimes a problem will grab you like an NFL linebacker trying to toss you to the ground.

Or sometimes a problem will come your way and you’ll simply just trip over your own two feet.
(… my patented technique)

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 3.22.24 PMLeSean McCoy is a star running back in the NFL for the Philadelphia Eagles.

He’s been compared to the Detroit Lions Hall-of-Fame running back Barry Sanders.

Sure, that’s ridiculous… but who am I make comparisons?

All I know is that I heard McCoy interviewed on ESPN’s “Mike & Mike” Show last Friday.

Since Cindy left for work extra-early that morning, I was able to shave and shower with the radio actually set to the perfect volume level for my manly-man listening pleasure.

If Ozzy Osbourne liked sports on ESPN, he’d have used the same volume setting.

For once, I didn’t miss a single word of an interview while getting ready for work.

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 4.14.34 PMOne of Mikes asked the talented McCoy to share his secret for gaining extra yardage when he runs the ball.

“How do elude that huge tackler who’s right in your face right in front of you?” was the question.

McCoy’s answer surprised me.

He said that the tackler right smack dab in front of him is NEVER his concern.

That tackler will either tackle him or he won’t; and there’s not much more to it, really.

McCoy said he always keeps his eyes focused on the next set of tacklers coming at him.

This is what he needs to know in order to be successful.

Anytime he’s so worried about the first big problem (the first tackler) in front of him, he’s not able to quickly to respond to his upcoming problems (the other tacklers) on the horizon.

McCoy freely admitted that most of the time the first tackler (also a trained professional) will tackle him for just a short gain.

But whenever that first tackler misses – watch out!

His window of opportunity just blew open.

McCoy’s vision, speed, and awareness of where all the other tacklers are… will now give him the chance to turn this particular run into a game-breaker.

Of course, McCoy is 25 years-old, rich, handsome, and in great physical shape.

So whenever a problem hits, I’m guessing those assets are good ones to be able to call upon, too.

Tom Page, SCN
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