Godin inspired zippity-zip School PR Reflections #2 and #3 – SCN Encourager

And what’s the evidence that today’s “think points” were inspired by Seth Godin?

targetThat’s easy.

They’re on target.

They’re concise.

Both qualities that typically elude me.

So, despite my natural tendencies, I’ll try to stick within Godin’s minimalist style.

At least for the rest of the week.

In yesterday’s Encourager, I kicked off my first Godin inspired school PR and communications reflection.

And actually, it wasn’t so much a reflection as it was a near repeat of Godin’s exact words: that the best marketing is grounded in the best product or service.

Calling it a reflection yesterday somehow seemed more appealing than calling it outright copy-catting.

Today’s two reflections fit the description a bit better.

Q2 – What’s the best approach for schools to take in their communications?

Reflection 2 – It all begins with an awareness of your targeted audiences.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 9.52.15 PMNow I’m hardly the most romantic guy around, but the word “intimacy” kind of applies here.

You need to know your targeted audiences as real people (with individual interests, hopes, & struggles), to earn the right to interrupt and approach them, so that you’ll gradually gain their trust.

Uh, oh. It’s way too easy to position our own district’s interests, hopes, and struggles first, isn’t it?

Q3 – What’s the best way to grow your district’s brand?

Reflection 3 – It all begins with having a clear understanding of who you’re currently serving.

Your focus (ideally laser like – or in my case, dependent upon reading glasses) must be on the continual improvement of your product, program, or service for the people you currently serve.

Delight them so that it’s easier to retain them.

The public perception of your brand is directly linked to your ability to retain the people you serve right now.

It’s always takes more effort and resources to keep advertising for new people to replace the ones who’ve gone elsewhere.

Now… don’t YOU go anywhere.

On my scant SCN budget… I could never replace you!

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