This isn’t the Always#likeagirl video, but it kinda sorta could be – SCN Encourager

If you’ve got two minutes, take a peek at this inspiring video.

I hope its focus on make-up doesn’t bother you.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 7.11.12 PM




But after all of my years in an all-daughter household, I hardly noticed it myself.

Growing up in a four boy household long ago, I never thought I’d ever become oblivious to lots of “girlie” stuff laying around.

But I have.

And my brothers don’t tease me about this, either.

How could they?

They’re now in all-daughter households, too. Ha!

But let me be clear, none of us would have it any other way.

We’re blessed beyond blessed

with the possible exception of those occasional “wedding” years.

So, it’s from a finely aged pretty-in-pink perspective that I share this video made by the Japanese cosmetic company, Shiseido.

Adweek raved about it and it’s definitely a worthy follow-up to last Friday’s Always#likeagirl Encourager.

The Japanese words at the end of the video mean “anyone can be cute.”

I hope you like it!

And don’t worry…

I’m zipping right back into my regimen of listening to podcasts while shaving and watching sports of TV.

Tomorrow’s Encourager will return to the kind of school PR and intellectual rigor you’ve come to expect.

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