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A final word of caution from futurist David Zach

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 3.26.05 PMIt seemed funny at the time.

We all chuckled when Zach said it in Tuesday’s Lunchinar.

But now that I think about it…

There was a warning for us hidden in his insight.

Zach observed that many of us are prone to being “seduced” by data and other numeric calculations.

Whether it’s “us” gathering up data to support our own conclusions – or politicians at the State Capitol gathering data for their own purposes – there’s often a seductive slippery slope attached.

For example, a pre-occupation can eventually become an addiction.

And then…

If left unchecked – that is, not fully considered – the addiction could ultimately lead to something much worse… worship!



But given the benefit of a few days, I now get the point.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 4.04.13 PMHow often do we focus upon the creative preparation of whizbang spreadsheets, visuals, and presentations while at the same time giving short-shift to the visionaries at our leadership table who are asking uncomfortable questions to help us clarify what spreadsheets, visuals, and presentations should even be prepared in the first place?

I know I frequently direct my attention to the pizzazz instead of the context.

Not good.

But at least it explains why – as I was scribbling my Lunchinar notes on Tuesday – I underlined the word “seduced” in bold red ink and only wrote the word “worship” in pencil.

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