I’ve got the perfect gift for YOU! – SCN Encourager

It’s big enough to have considerable value.

And yet it’s small enough that Cindy will never notice I “borrowed” some cash out of that shoe box hidden in the closet.

Like I said, this gift is perfect.

All thanks to cartoonist Mark Anderson.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 9.43.06 PMAs you may know, his cartoons are posted almost every day on the SCN website and feature writer Kym Reinstadler profiled him about two years ago.

It’s been gratifying to see business blast off for this talented young guy from Chicago.

And the fact that he’s married to a teacher only adds to the happiness I have for his growing success.

He has a big heart for what we do.

Anyway… on to the perfect gift for you!

Last week Mark mailed out to all of his subscribers his brand new 52 page booklet called, “There’s No Reason It Can’t Also Be Fun.” 

At first I was disappointed because I was going to write a book about school communicators using that very same title, but he beat me to the punch fair and square, dang it!

And by a long mile at that thanks to my procrastinating and lazy ways.

Every page in Mark’s booklet contains just two components: one of his delightful cartoons along with a one or two sentence quip from him positioned right below the cartoon, in which he offers a personal thought about the cartoon on the page.

It’s light and fun reading.

And on top of this, Mark’s booklet is also a simple printed product that –
•  came attached with a holiday greeting,
•  expressed a tangible thank-you to customers,
•  reinforced what he does (his brand of “humor”),
•  revealed a bit of his own personality,
•  AND is totally do-able and steal-able by folks like us!

I’m pretty sure you’d get an idea or two for your district if you saw it.

So, here’s where your gift comes in.

I emailed Mark on Saturday to ask if he’d be willing to sell me bulk copies of his booklet so I could send one to everyone who wanted it.

He said, “Let’s do it.”
(He must live near the Nike store or something.)

IF you’d like to receive a free copy of Mark’s booklet, please email me using the link below.

Include your “snail mail” street address and please let me know by Thursday.

I’ll then order the books from Mark and ship out up your booklet (and all of the others) immediately upon getting them back from him.

You’ve got nothing to lose– it’s all free.

Just let me know by Thursday.

And I don’t think this entire process will take too long.

Unless, of course, Mark is going hold things up by making sure my check clears first.




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