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It’s possible to take Seth’s Godin’s “Remarkable” to the next level

remarkableBe remarkable.

That’s what every effective marketing plan should inspire, according to business guru Seth Godin.

And when he’s asked about what it actually means to be remarkable, he’s got a terrific pat answer.

“What you do for your customer should always be worth remarking about,” Godin emphasizes.

It’s hard find fault with his actions, not words rationale.

Clearly, every organization’s brand is defined by what it does, not by what is says.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing simple about being remarkable.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 8.25.00 PMI’m pretty good at being predictable; hardly the same thing.

So, until Godin speaks up and anoints this trait as next big one to have, I’m skunked.

One bit of good news is that I discovered a new definition for the purpose of marketing.

Do you remember when I introduced you to Mike Kim awhile back?

Mike’s the awesome wordsmith who penned the “two most life-sucking words” article I linked up.

Mike KimIn his podcast this week, Mike said the ultimate goal of every marketing plan is to “be recommendable.”

As much as I like Godin’s well known definition, I think “be recommendable” pushes it to the next level.

With all of our districts operating within highly competitive school choice environments, “be recommendable” seems like is a fitting challenge.

It’s tight.
It’s do-able.

When Mike was asked about how you go about becoming recommendable, he referenced the root word.

“Make what you do commendable,” he said.

Okay! Now, we’re talking!

Mike’s definition plays right into our strength!

Truly – what YOU and the rest of your staff does day-in and day-out in your schools is commendable.


Children learn to read everyday inside your walls!

What could be more commendable than that?!?

Now the trick is to keep finding ways to turn all of your commendables into your parents’ public recommendables.

Not easy, but it’s worth the discussing with your team, don’tcha think?

Since it’s Friday, I’d also like to close with the nice wish for your weekend.

Should I wish you a commendable weekend or a remarkable one?


Go make your weekend remarkable.

That sure sounds like a lot more fun to me!












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