Marketing expert “Gary Vee” said this to grads. (Was he right?) – SCN Encourager

He sure loves to shake things up.

I’ve written about master marketer Gary Vaynerchuk before.

(OK. Humor me.)

Vaynerchuk was the “be honest” about your bucket guy.

He’s never shy about sharing his cutting edge insights.

He’s outrageous.

And is frequently straight-out profane.

But he points out trends in the global marketplace (AKA our social and consumer behavior) like no one else.

About a week ago Vaynerchuk spoke to a group of grads at CUNY, the City University of New York.

As a world-class promoter of himself (another one of his skills), Vaynerchuk posted his remarks directly to his podcast, where I gobbled them up with baited ears.

I thought you’d be interested in the BIG 3 CHALLENGES he presented to the grads.

#1  Vaynerchuk emphasized the importance of PATIENCE. He doesn’t believe we stress this enough. Sure, pursuing your passion is fine and all, but maintaining a laser focus and positive attitude while cajoling and nudging all of the other steps, processes, and other people “move forward” is critical. Blindly pushing ahead never yields the results of patient persistence, so know how to properly use the accelerator. In our “age of speed,” patience is a major asset to those who can master it.

#2  Vaynerchuk is concerned the majority of young people (maybe even us spring chickens) are prone to simply doubling-down on “whatever we want.” He believes this kind of tunnel vision is misplaced. Instead of focusing on just “what we want” we should zero in on “who we are.”  Way too often we have a tendency to “fool ourselves.” So Vaynerchuk recommended continual and honest SELF-AWARENESS as the best antidote. (Obviously, he’s never met Cindy!)

#3  Vaynerchuk closed by reminding his audience the most successful people in the future will be those who are quick learners, agile collaborators, and flexible adapters. The fact Vaynerchuk pointed this out probably doesn’t surprise you. But Vaynerchuk went on to tell the grads the best way to be quick, agile, and flexible (and ultimately successful) is to be FREE of DEBT. According to Vaynerchuk, we can all survive and overcome most any mistake imaginable, but taking on big time credit card debt should be a no-no from the get-go, especially for young grads. It’s a future killer.

I have no doubt Vaynerchuk would love to come to one of our PSDs and push us on how we are preparing our students in light of these three challenges.

It could be fun.

Just as long he didn’t push some of us to describe our own personal success in these three domains.

Ooh boy… that might not be so pretty.

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