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What a delightful twist on the “New Year’s Baby” story!

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 7.45.23 PMFisher-Price is one of the world’s largest toy companies.

On New Year’s Eve, 7 of its talented videographer teams were on site in 7 different countries to be there “up close and personal” as 7 different young moms welcomed their babies to our world and the first day of 2015.

Can you imagine all that was required to gather the various video clips, edit them, and then create a powerful 91 second video ready to post on YouTube – all within 24 hours?

What a New Year’s Day communications project this had to be!

When I count the time it took me to find my lucky “Go Green. Go White” sweatshirt and coordinate the necessary food and beverages on New Year’s Day with my brothers, it probably took me longer to prepare for the start of the MSU – Baylor football game on TV.

How did the Fisher-Price video makers pull this off?

I hope you didn’t miss Holly McCaw’s Wistia tutorial yesterday.

Her tips are fitting as Fisher-Price’s video provides us with a fantastic example of content marketing; where the focus is on the story and the people, not a specific product the company is pushing us to all rush out and buy.

Of course, any video featuring new born babies already stands a pretty good chance of hitting the right emotional buttons, but I hope you didn’t miss the 7 different wishes each mother offered up for her little one.

Capturing each one of those was a touch of genius, too.

I loved watching this video!

And boy, was I also glad that this project wasn’t one that my superintendent thought up and wanted produced on short notice.

My New Year’s Day video would’ve likely been a hodge-podge of clips from 7 countries (Hey, got ’em all!), actual footage of only 5 mothers and their babies (oops!), and audio of the heartfelt mothers’ wishes that sounded like they were recorded from the bottom of an empty well (what the…?).

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