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Our March 9 Lunchinar with Amy Schmittauer will be another winner.


So says me.

Click on Amy to view one of her trainings.

Click on Amy to view one of her trainings.

Amy Schmittauer is a social media authority, content creator, coach and an incredibly gifted communicator.

Over the last five years, she’s built her Savvy Sexy Social brand into an amazingly fun, insightful, and much acclaimed enterprise.

Amy’s wildly popular for selflessly serving up tremendous value to others, and in fact, she was named the #1 keynoter at the 2015 Social Media Day in San Diego.

Her zippy social media tip and video training videos on YouTube channel have garnered a few million views and it’s easy to understand why. Just click on her photo if you want a 3 minute sample.

As a member of Amy’s Facebook group (where members share ideas about projects and other “challenges”), I’ve had the opportunity to see Amy in another light, and this has only added to the respect I have for her.

About a month ago a budding author in our Facebook group (who I’ll call Patricia) had taken Amy’s advice to heart.

At Amy’s urging, Patricia pruned her personal calendar to better focus on her writing, and she even made an earnest “selfie video” (a la Amy) to spell out her new mindset and the excitement she had for completing her book.

When I went on Facebook to view Patricia’s video, I thought it was one of the dumbest things I had ever seen. (It seemed so amateurish and homespun…)

But within moments of Patricia’s video getting posted, Amy responded to say how excited she was to see the video up, and how proud she was to see tangible proof of Patricia’s enhanced commitment to her book and its inevitable success.

A frequent guest in Amy's videos is her blind dog Lucy.

A frequent guest in Amy’s videos is her blind dog Lucy.

Amy then offered  a few more encouraging “next steps” for Patricia… and I felt more than a little ashamed about it all, to be honest.

While I had arrogantly judged Patricia’s project as a “won’t make it” pipe dream. Amy saw potential and stepped in to boost it to a “can’t miss” reality.

Dang, was I wrong.

When I wrote Amy later to ask her about appearing in a Lunchinar, I heard back from her right away.

At first, I thought it was because my note to her was so well written, but nope.

It’s just the way she runs Savvy Sexy Social.

Amy said she’d love to chat with school communicators like us because not only does her mom run the media center at an elementary school in Columbus – she’s also a big believer in our public schools.

Here’s the link to the March 9 Lunchinar details.

Use the link.
Email me.
And I’ll get back to you speedy-kwik just like Amy.

After all, that’s the way I run my brand: Sappy Sleepy Sorry

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