Now that I get it, why don’t I feel better? – SCN Encourager 6/26/2014

MSPRA’s school funding presentation rocked!

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 8.24.09 PMMichigan’s school funding process and projections may be rocky, but Mike Hagerty of the Kent ISD and Bob Dwan of MSBO gave an engaging and thoughtful overview on the topic at Wednesday’s MSPRA conference.

Even many of us who are “non-finance, non-math” types could see the all of the School Aid Act’s moving parts coming together, despite more than a handful of legislative contradictions and other common sense defiers.

Allison Kaufman, MSPRA President, said that Mike and Bob were the perfect presenters for MSPRA’s Drive-In Conference and, in modeling the ideal marketing template, she under-promised and over-delivered.

Kudos, MSPRA!

Make that double kudos!

The homemade cookies made by Allison’s friend in Lansing and the “helpful free stuff” presentation by Dianne Litzenburger of the Char-Em ISD were also winners in my book (as cookies and free stuff always are…).

I think Mike and Bob tolerated the yummy homemade cookie treats and all of Dianne’s free stuff pretty well.

They made it crystal clear that concepts like “treats” and “freebies” are not built into Michigan’s school funding realities, but they never played the role of dour faced spoil sports.

Except to say that school communicators have much work to do. (surprise, surprise)

Crush itWhich leads us into SCN’s “Come Smart. Leave Smarter.” seminar on Friday in Lansing.

The welcome mat will be out for you if you can make it.

Here’s the homework and what to bring with you.

The setting will be casual and the room will be comfortable.

And now, having seen first-hand the overwhelming appeal of cookies and helpful free stuff, we’ll make sure those are available, too!

MSPRA certainly got the ball by hosting a great day to “grow in what we know.”

SCN will do what it can to keep the “big mo'”going!


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