We’ve got to keep growing in what we know – SCN Encourager

And these excellent journalists make it easier than ever.

I can’t tell you how proud I was of Kym Reinstadler’s feature story yesterday about young middle school teacher Erin Luckhardt.

Dang, we have good people in our schools!

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 4.25.28 PMAnd if you haven’t yet noticed this fresh new series on the School News Network website by Charles Honey –  A Backpack of Heartache – make sure you do.

You’ll feel good about the significance of our mission and how crucial it is to our students and their futures.

But positive vibes about our people and our purpose doesn’t mean we do our work in Pollyannaville.

No school district is immune from the economic struggles and emotional pain suffered by a large segment of the families within its boundaries.

And Charles’ series will deepen your understanding about the full scope of the poverty which affects so many of our students.

Granted, it’s not fun stuff to read .

But it’s important stuff that ranks lightyears ahead of “11 1/2  ways to improve your Twitter profile.”

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 4.25.16 PMLike Kym, Charles is a former veteran reporter for The Grand Rapids Press.

The public perception of our schools is definitely enhanced by their late career switchover from the “evil media’s darkside” to our tribe of hard-working, non-complaining, and deadline-surviving school communicators (and assorted others like me).

We’re fortunate to have their personal compassion and journalistic experience and expertise on our side.

So make the time to settle into their work this weekend.

I will.

I asked Cindy if I should ask Kym and Charles for their advice in improving my daily Encourager.

Cindy said I probably shouldn’t.

Reducing the poverty that afflicts our students and families must remain everyone’s focus.

Asking them to attempt the impossible with the Encourager would only be a needless distraction.


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