So what is “Savvy Sexy Social?”

Business coach and social media authority Amy Schmittauer offers us a fantastic model for any “brand statement.”

She makes it look easy.

But it’s not.

Videos and other promotional campaign communications need to do three things well.

•  Educate
•  Entertain
•  Engage

Usually I get hung up just trying to get the first one right – making sure I have my dates, details, deadlines, spelling, and grammar all ship-shape.

That’s stressful enough.

I’m impressed by how Amy nails all three elements in this video. (The show-off!)

It’ll be great to have the opportunity to talk with Amy at our SCN Lunchinar on March 9. #scnLunchinar #dontmissit

For sure, Amy’s brand statement demonstrates her clear sense of purpose, an edgy creativity, a personable yet consistent tone, and an inviting call to action in conclusion.

It’d probably be good for me to work on those things, too.

Sometime real soon.

I’ve got to get better at mastering those troublesome dates, details, deadlines, spelling, and grammar pitfalls first.

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