The more things “should” change, the more they stay the same, like me, that is. – SCN Encourager

So how am I personally doing on this week’s 10 Success Habits?

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 7.44.09 PMBet you can guess.

I don’t know why I researched and created that list in the first place.

Now I feel like a hypocrite.

It’s not like I’m going to stop watching less TV and totally give up on my “SuperBowl bound” Detroit Lions.

But I hope you found some value in my list 10 habits of super-dooper leaders.

I’m still working on (AKA procrastinating) which three habits I’m going pursue with vim and vigor, so I don’t think you’ll have to worry about me zipping past you on your way to the top.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 8.04.56 PMAt least I know which way I’m trending.

And according to futurist David Zach, understanding trends is a big deal.

And it’s a talent our successful high achievers have mastered.


I can’t tell you how embarrassing it is to NOW remember that Zach pointed this out at an MSPRA seminar a few years ago.

It’s clear my list of 10 Habits really should’ve been one made up of 11 habits.


Hope your weekend will be better than mine!

I’m going to have to find a way to begin trending up by Monday.





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