Untangling your most important thoughts is closer than you think – SCN Encourager

Here’s another “mover and shaker” trick!

cheapLuckily, it’s cheap.

I came across it while putting together yesterday’s Encourager on “spenders” vs. “investors.”

It could’ve been called “folks like me” vs. “movers and shakers” and not have been too far from the truth.

But nevertheless, the three takeaways were worthwhile.

Hope you caught them.

There are definitely worse things out there for school leaders and communicators to invest in than these:
(And please don’t ask me how I know. I might start crying.)

• Your attention

• Your gratitude

• Your preferred system or process

Now I won’t belabor the descriptions of each for you again, but they’re here if you want ’em.

You might find (as I did) those movers and shakers really do know a thing or two about increasing value.

They also seem to tap into an effectively simple remedy for untangling their thoughts, which allows them to consistently maintain their “true north,” so to speak.

It’s this:

Thoughts untangle themselves over the lips and through the fingertips.
                                                   – Dr. Howard Hendricks

That’s right.

They verbalize their thoughts to a select group of trusted family members, friends, advisors, coaches, or mentors.

And they reap the benefits that come along with the extra accountability.

writingSecondly, they write down their thoughts in journals, calendars, and planners.

And this brings benefits, too.

The mere act of writing just by itself magnifies commitment and permanence.

Verbalizing their thoughts to preferred people.

Writing down their thoughts in preferred ways.

This is how movers and shakers spring their priorities – their investments – into action.

I’m going to try and do the same.

I’ve got some time here and there to give it a pretty good go.

Halftimes, in-between periods, TV timeouts, and during 7th inning stretches!

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