What do you say when someone asks what you do? – SCN Encourager

School leaders and communicators are fortunate to have a speedy-kwik answer.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 6.53.20 PMIt’s another one of our blessings.

Not every career comes along with a super-dooper elevator speech, you know.

Especially one that’s relevant and ready-made.

So I’m tagging this as Blessing #2.

Yep, that’s what it is.

It can’t be #1 because  it follows yesterday’s Blessing #1, which was the Super Bowl 50 inspired reminder for us to take note and celebrate the “little wins” in our schools as best we can.

Lots of people might go a week or more without experiencing any kind of  “little win” at work.

Not us.

We’re in the right place.

We hardly ever drive home at the end of the day and wonder if we’re involved in a cause not worth fighting for.

We KNOW that we are – even if you’re like me and totally forget this fact from time to time.

While there may be frustrations here or there, we can be confident in the value we provide to our community.

Lapin at 6.16.55 PMAnd because of where we work and what we do, we have no reason not to be ready whenever anyone asks us about it.

Try this out.

Author Rabbi Daniel Lapin enjoys meeting new people using this unique approach.

For example, whenever he sits next to someone while traveling on an airplane, he’ll pose this question.

“Tell me,” he’ll ask. “What is it YOU do to serve God’s people?”

Rabbi Lapin says this question never fails to kick off some fascinating conversation.

I don’t doubt it.

It’s wonderful Blessing #2 allows school leaders and communicators (like us!) to answer Rabbi Lapin’s question without having to lie about it.

Our students and staff do good work.

We do, too.

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