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Maybe this is how Eva Peron felt.—SCN Encourager 12/4/2013

Wow! The interest in Canva was over the top! Even my wife Cindy noticed my upbeat demeanor. “What’s made you so happy?” she asked over dinner last night. “The response to Tuesday’s Encourager was incredible,” I replied. “I made a lot of new friends… thanks to” “How so?” she nudged. “Well, remember the scene…

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Don’t miss this one. Seriously. – SCN Encourager 12/3/2013

This tip is a grand slam multiplied by a slam dunk. Honestly! Cross my heart and all that jazz. If you have anything to do at all with the creation of presentations, posters, flyers, and web graphics, you’ll want to check out I’m passing this gem along in the same way you find out…

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New learning at Thanksgiving. Why not? – SCN Encourager 12/2/2013

It’s good to be back on schedule with the Encourager. I hope your Thanksgiving weekend contained a few “nice surprises” to go along with your holiday traditions. Don’t worry. I won’t ask you if you missed the Encourager last Thursday and Friday. I always used to ask Cindy if she missed me whenever I returned…

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